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Where to Find Ubs Contract Number

Easily and securely connect to e-banking or the mobile banking app. The UBS Access app also allows you to confirm new beneficiaries and online purchases by credit/prepaid card and receive messages about security-related events.1. Simply log in to Digital Banking• E-Banking: Open the login page, scan the QR code with the Access app, enter your PIN – and you are securely logged into e-banking.• Mobile Banking: Start the Mobile Banking app, select “Access App” as the login method and enter your PIN – done. You can use all the functions of the Mobile Banking app.2. Securely approve online payments• When you make online payments by credit/prepaid card, you will receive a push message and can easily confirm the payment.• A 3-D Secure password is no longer required.• Maximum security standards reduce the risk of fraud.3. Easy confirmation of new beneficiaries• Unlock the Access app with a PIN, verify recipients and approve payments• No access card or card reader required4. Receive security messages• Receive information about security-related events such as password changes, security settings, or contact information. Use of the UBS Access app is secure:• A PIN code of your choice protects the Access app, even if you lose your smartphone.• The Access app always checks the security of your smartphone before logging into Digital Banking.• The connection security code is automatically calculated and transmitted directly to UBS. Data transmission is protected by multi-layered security.• The Access application is always up-to-date and offers optimal protection. UBS Switzerland AG and other non-US subsidiaries of UBS Group AG have designed the UBS Access App (“App”) only for existing clients of UBS Switzerland AG and other non-US subsidiaries of UBS Group AG and may be used by them.

The Application is not intended for U.S. or Australian residents. The fact that the Application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store does not constitute a solicitation, offer or recommendation to enter into a transaction, nor does it constitute a solicitation or offer to establish a customer relationship between the person downloading the Application and UBS Switzerland AG or other non-US affiliates of UBS Group AG. Requirements:Banking relationship with UBS Switzerland AG, UBS Europe SE (Germany, Italy) or UBS AG (Hong Kong, Singapore) with digital banking contract:For activation, you need a mobile phone number for security messages stored in digital banking services. Enter it in the Mobile Banking app under “Settings > Settings and security> Profile > Manage contact > phone numbers” or in e-banking under “> security settings> Enter security messages > mobile phone number > number for security messages”. Banking relationship at UBS Europe SE (France, UK) with digital banking contract: For activation, you need an access card with card reader or an access card display. The range of functions may vary by country. We hope you enjoy the UBS Access app. We look forward to your feedback and rating in the Apple App Store.

This simple video shows you how to enable UBS Access registration. 5. Enter the six-digit input number displayed on the login page in the card reader and press “OK”. Your contract number can be found on the welcome letter you have already received. If you can`t find or remember your contract number, you can contact digital banking support (available 24/7). For security reasons, your digital banking contract will be blocked if you enter an incorrect password several times. The same applies if you enter incorrect numbers/letters when confirming a beneficiary. Currently, we cannot offer you an online solution to the problem. Please contact digital banking support by phone (available 24/7) to release the contract. To make it work, you will need a card reader, an internet connection, your card AND a letter confirming that your online services are activated.

Maybe even another password, I don`t remember. But once you set it up, toggle. As a frequent traveler, I am dependent on it. Don`t leave the house without it. (And LastPass for the forgotten account number) Would you like to order a digital banking contract to grant access to another user or to activate your contract for a third party? Contact E-Banking Support by phone (available at all times). Launch the application and select “Manage settings > access permissions > contract number” 3. Enter the contract number on the login page and click “Next”. If you encounter any problems, please check if the contract number is correct. I made an appointment to open an account the week I arrived in Switzerland. UBS has an office in Lausanne that doesn`t open until 9:00 a.m..m, but they agreed that someone would meet me on the front steps at 8:00 a.m.

.m. and would take me to the back entrance. We went to a private office where he explained everything to me (in French). I asked a few questions, told him I didn`t need half of the products he included (apparently I have no choice as it`s a kind of package for Nestlé employees), and then he disappeared to prepare the documents for me. Before leaving the room, he asked me if I wanted coffee or tea. I said I`d like water, and I almost laughed out loud when a man walked in with a silver tray, a glass, and a glass bottle of water! I think they mistook me for a millionaire. If you enter the same number twice in a row, a letter appears instead of the numbers. Therefore, after entering the first number, wait about a second before entering the next number.

If you are not sure if the activation was successful, you can check it in the Access app under “Settings ->Manage access permissions -> Registered contract number”. If your phone is not connected to the Internet, you will not be able to use the application. It means your roaming. Or if you`ve used your data volume, you won`t be able to connect to online banking or make online payments if a secure 3D payment is required. Secondly. To connect to online banking, you always need your contract number in mind. .